Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Should i buy or sell wireless electricity witricity stock ?

MIT's wireless electricity technology will be used in witricity to provider wireless electric power to americans. This is simply a great opportunity to make money on witricity stock in the market. Should i buy or sell witricity stock when its listed on NASDAQ or NYSE.

Based on MITs wireless electricy technology, looking for businesses that will be involved in creating new products for the technology.

Imagine a wireless office, not needing to replace batteries in pace makers. Actually if you think bigger you might be able to scale this up to electric powered cars and power transmission grids without the need for transmission lines.

I found at least 2 other privately held companies with simular technologies:
Alticor's eCoupled and SplashPower.

Removed APPL from the tracking list. I still believe they may get their feet into this technology somehow. However I thought it wise to take gains while they were there.